About Us

IDEA: Create a Formula 1, Team Ferrari Fans Group to raise money for charity. Obtain Replica Formula 1 Electric Cars and have boys and girls, ages 3-5 wearing Ferrari Racing Suits drive in mini Grand Prix events.

Find Sponsors for each car and event and ask them to donate to the Friends of Ferrari who will then send 100% of that donation to Charitable Organizations.

Have the charities issue the official receipt to the sponsors.

Choose charities that have very low administration costs, little or no government funding and help kids.

“Because we do not have any employees or anyone who receives funds other than the charities that we support, our great success could not have been accomplished without the help of our Volunteers and Team Members & Sponsors.” says Franco Corona

From this small idea of Franco Corona in October 2001, Friends of Ferrari has achieved an incredible goal of raising and donating to over 54 Charities in excess of $2,297,000.00. Suzann and Franco Corona continue their efforts…

For the Spirit of Racing. For the Spirit of Our Children. For the Spirit of Charity.